Wednesday, October 21, 2009

350 poems

Two good friends of mine, poets Adam Roberts and Eric Linsker, have organized in conjunction with a really bold and crucial initiative in response to global climate change. Here is Adam's description and a link to the blog: here here here!

For the project, 350 poets in the United States and abroad are being asked to write a 3.5 line poem--in a language of their choosing-- in response to climate change. Why 350? Because that's the agreed-on safe upper limit for carbon parts-per-million in the atmosphere (we're at 390 & rising, close to the point where irreversible climate shifts will take place.) is mobilizing climate actions across the country for October 24th -- more than 4,000 events (including this one) in over 160 different countries. The idea is that by participating, and forwarding actions like these to close ones around you, we are embedding the number 350 in the popular consciousness -- so that our governmental leaders will be pressured to shoot for it, specifically, as a meaningful and ambitious target.

Please check it out and show your support.

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