Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Two new books by friends

from Jane Wong's Dendrochronology:

What is this faint vision? What is this stranger? The hand
in the fire does not burn. He shows the trick again and again
until there is the smell of hair. The smell along the back of
her mouth. Kissing, a moth settles on the mattress and there
is more.

A sack of flour pours over water.

from Joan Fleming's The Same as Yes:

What else can I tell you? Five eighths is the same as ten
sixteenths. Salt water is good for your teeth, and if you're
wholehearted about it, you can ask the sea to be your
dentist. Some people live in buses that never go anywhere,
and that's okay too, as long as something's growing. No,
blue's not my favourite colour, but it might be my favourite

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