Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hank Lazer and Zach Barocas: Two Essays on Poetry and Spirit

Here are the links to two essays that have preoccupied my thought recently, specifically regarding the relationship between poetry and spirituality.

The first is Hank Lazer's "Returns: Innovative Poetry and Questions of 'Spirit,'" published in Facture 2 (2001), which attempts to salvage the connection between spirituality and poetic practice from the "squeamishness" the idea of spirituality often produces in the contemporary reader. Lazer also provides a veritable goldmine reading list of poets and books that demonstrate a commitment to both spiritual investigation and poetic innovation.

The second is Zach Barocas's "on poetry & spirit," published in GutCult 8 (2007). In the short essay, Barocas deftly describes the development of his own poetics of spirit and how specifically he has tried to apply it to his own poetic practice.

Though neither of these essays were published recently, they only came to my attention in the last few months during hours of aimless link-hopping online. Both have given me a good deal to think about as my current research and creative interests fall along the same lines.

I am eager to use this blog as a signpost toward other essays, websites, poems that deal with matters of spirit and poetry. I encourage any readers that might be out there to send anything like this my way.

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