Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Proud to be among good friends and great poets in the inaugural issue of SET, a journal of experimental poetry and art. You can read it here.

The poems are from a sequence on the Ryder-Waite Tarot I wrote a couple of years ago.

Jack Spicer, apparently, was also really into the Tarot. From "A Plan for a Book on Tarot" which appeared in boundary 2 (Autumn 1977):

If the average person has heard of a Tarot deck at all, he is likely to associate it with dark rooms full of cheesecloth ectoplasm, old women who make a practice of sticking pins in wax dolls, or one of the various seedy attempts to exploit the occult which, for all their impressive trappings, move the modern man to pity rather than to terror. If he had the further misfortune to read one of the many books written on the interpretation of Tarot cards, he would have the further impression of a very old and impressively historical set of symbolic pictures whose meanings are as clear and arbitrary as the language of flowers and, while admiring the quaintness and charm of their design, would look on their use for a serious purpose as an idiocy - or, at best, a parlor game.
The truth is quite different.

A big thank you to SET editor and these signals press mastermind, David James Miller, for including the poems in this beautiful journal.

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