Monday, March 26, 2012

Reading tonight @ 7:30pm Meow Cafe

Dear friends in the Wellington region,

I am reading this evening with my partner, Ellie Catton, as well as David Fleming, Lee Posna, and Therese Lloyd.

All of us would be very excited to see you at Meow Cafe (9 Edward Street) at 7:30pm.


Friday, March 2, 2012

Andrew Joron's Theremin

Highly recommend this essay, new at Evening Will Come. Joron talks theremin, "dreamweapons," and Rossetti's "Monochord."

Imagine the speech-sphere turned inside out: its center—its source in sound—becomes its outer surface. Its new center is a vanishing point into which meaning recedes and finally disappears. All that remains is the exteriority of sound. One sound––miraculously, it also happens to be a word—now covers the entirety of language. That word is susurrus. It is similar, perhaps identical, to the “hum of the Earth.”